Partnership is a critical factor in the success of the WCF mission.
WCF has entered into MOU agreements with regional hospitals in target countries to offer free or subsidized treatment, and additional diagnostic testing for those in need.

We also initiate partnerships with government and public health institutions to further the reach of our program goals by generating support for cancer initiatives in low-resource areas.

WCF has a Medical Advisory Council, an affiliation of distinguished individuals recognized as experts in oncology and cancer screening, and/or expertise in public health initiatives that lend valuable advice to WCF clinical research and operations.
BGHI Barretos Cancer Hospital Manipal Group Sihanouk Hospital
  By collaborating with like-minded institutions with established connections in the local community, we give our efforts the best leverage for success.  
  Guiding Principles of Public-Private Partnerships
Leveraging of Core Competencies
Standards and Codes of Conduct
Relationships with Governments
Building Local Capacity
Donation Cost Coverage
Distinction between Charitable and Commercial Activities
Public Relations
Reporting, Monitoring, and Evaluation
Stability and Longevity
Woman’s Cancer Foundation
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