Together, breast and cervical cancer account for more than one quarter of all female cancer deaths worldwide. In the developing world, more than a quarter of a million (255,576) women died from breast cancer in 2007. Cervical cancer takes an even bigger toll, with 272,238 women in developing countries dying of the disease in 2007. Women in the world’s poorer regions die of cervical cancer in highly disproportionate numbers: More than 85% of all deaths from cervical cancer occur in developing countries.

Until a ‘cure’ for cancer is discovered, early detection is the only means at our disposal to tackle the global epidemic of breast and cervical cancers, and to reduce mortality and morbidity resulting from these lethal cancers. Low resource countries are challenged with the burden of costly screening programs for an already overburdened facility.  The concept of a free standing Well Woman’s Clinic has demonstrated greater success in participation for at-risk women in areas with high prevalence of breast and gynecological cancers. The one-stop concept of providing a well woman examination and screening for four of the most common cancers in women is a cost effective strategy for early detection.
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