American Cancer Society

Breast Health Global Initiative

Alliance for Prevention of cervical cancer

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Breast Cancer Organization

Cancer Organization

National Cancer Institute

Women’s Cancer Network

American College of Physicians

Healing Well Organization

Federation of Chinese American and Chinese
Canadian Medical Societies

Baylor College of Medicine — Center for Research
on Women with Disabilities

MD Anderson Cancer Center
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Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Association of Cancer Online Resources

The wellness community

Breast Cancer Directory

US News and World Report

American Breast Cancer Prevention Foundation

Imaginis — The Breast Cancer Resource

Health Finder

Medical Metrix -- Peer-approved, annotated,
updated, clinical medicine resources. (Subscription

Abramson Cancer Center

New York Online Access to Health

US Department of Health and Human Services

US Department of Heath and Human Services —
Office of Minority Health

May Foundation for Medical Education and

Cancer Information Service

Multicultural Communication — NSW Health

Children’s Health Systems

Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered

Chronic Disease Prevention — Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention

Centers for Medicare and Medicade

National Consortium of Breast Centers

American Academy of Family Physicians

Asian Pacific Islander Women’s Health Page

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

Breast Cancer Fund

Breast Cancer Information

Health Square – specializes in compiling
information from reliable medical sources.

MedicineNet – Educational/informative content
from physicians and editors of MedicineNet.

Medical literature
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American Medical Assocation

Doctor Directory

Electronic Orange Book from the Food and Drug

Merck Manual

May Clinic’s Diseases and Conditions

Medical Dictionaries and Glossaries

National Institutes of Health

Breast Cancer Dictionary

Ethnic Medicine Guide

The Harvard Medical School — When You Visit
Your Doctor







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