Clinical Professor
Baylor College of Medicine
Medical Director
Woman's Clinic for Breast
and Gynecological Imaging & Pink Door Imaging Center

Dr Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
Chairman & Managing Director
Biocon Limited
Bangalore, India

Board of Trustees
Ron Somers
US-India Business Council
Washington D.C.

Jennifer Garza
CEO Edinburg Regional Medical Center/Edinburg Children's Hospital
Edinburg, Texas

Mrs. Mona Parikh PHR, MBA
Sr. Human Resources Business

Mr Andrew Novarini
CEO, Cypress Station Branch
Bank of Houston

Kelli Cohen MD
General and Pediatric Radiologist

Eric S. Greisel J.D.
General Legal Counsel


Loretta A. Hanser
Director of Imaging Services
Mammography, CHP Radiology
Harris County Hospital District

Regional Directors
Mrs. Trishna Dey [Asia]
Ms. Esther Biira [Africa]
Dr Adhmer Longatto [S.America]


Clinical Professor of Radiology
Baylor College of Medicine

Dr. Steve Sener
Former President
American Cancer Society

R. Sankaranarayanan
Chief of Cancer Screening Group
International Agency for Research on Cancer,
Lyon, France

Saraswati Sukumar MD
Barbara B.Rubenstein Professor of Oncology
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Britt-Marie Ljung, MD
Professor of Clinical Pathology,
Director of Cytopathology
UCSF, California

Dr Usha Menon MD; FRCOG
Professor and Director
Gynecological Cancer Research Center
UCL Elizabeth Garrett Institute of Women's Health
University College London

Dr Edmundo Mauad
Barretos Cancer Hospital,
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Peter Dempsey MD; FACR
Professor of Radiology
MD Anderson Cancer Center

Terri Pustilnik MD
Gynecology Oncology of Houston

Dr Diljeet K. Singh, MD, DrPH
Co Chair of MAC

Dr Wei Yang, M.B.B.S., F.R.C.R.
Deputy Chairman, Department of Diagnostic Radiology
The University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Co-Chair and Director of Clinical Research

Dr Neerja Bhatla MD, FICOG
A/Professor, Dept of Ob-Gyn, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India,
Vice President, AOGIN,
Inaugural President, AOGIN-India,
Organising Chairperson, AOGIN 2010

Dr Jill Donnelly
Consultant Breast Surgeon
Herford Hospital, UK

Dr Martin M. Matzuk M.D., Ph.D.
Stuart A. Wallace Chair
Professor of Pathology and Immunology



Mrs. Susan Rafte
Chair of the PAC

Mrs. Sathya Saran
Editor DNA,
Former Editor, Femina,
Mumbai, India

Ms. Lucy Noland
News Anchor,
Los Angeles

Sharda Cherwoo
Ernst & Young


Wei Yang, M.B.B.S., F.R.C.R.
Chief, Section of Breast Imaging
Deputy Chairman, Department of Diagnostic Radiology
The University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Co-Chair and Director of Clinical Research
Education & Training
Degree-Granting Education
  1987 National University of Singapore, Singapore, MBBS, Medicine
Board Certifications
  2009 American Board of Radiology
  1992 Royal College of Radiologists
Selected Publications
Peer-Reviewed Original Research Articles
  1. Dogan BE, Gonzalez-Angulo A, Gilcrease M, Dryden MJ, Yang WT. Multimodality imaging of triple receptor negative tumors with mammography, ultrasound, and MRI. AJR Am J Roentgenol. In Press.
  2. Yang WT, Lewis MT, Hess K, Wong H, Tsimelzon A, Karadag N, Cairo M, Wei C, Meric- Bernstam F, Brown P, Arun B, Hortobagyi GN, Sahin A, Chang JC. Decreased TGFbeta signaling and increased COX2 expression in high risk women with increased mammographic breast density. Breast Cancer Res Treat 119(2):305-14, 1/2010. e-Pub 2/25/2009. PMID:
  3. Carkaci S, Ozkan E, Lane D, Yang WT. Scrotal sonography revisited. J Clin Ultrasound 38(1):21-37, 1/2010. PMID: 19802889.
  4. Chen L, Shen Y, Lai CJ, Han T, Zhong Y, Ge S, Liu X, Wang T, Yang WT, Whitman GJ, Shaw CC. Dual resolution cone beam breast CT: A feasibility study. Med Phys 36(9):4007-4014, 9/2009. PMCID: PMC2738741.
  5. Adrada B, Arribas E, Gilcrease M, Yang WT. Invasive micropapillary carcinoma of the breast: mammographic, sonographic, and MRI features. AJR Am J Roentgenol 193(1):W58-63, 7/2009.
  6. Yi M, Meric-Bernstam F, Middleton LP, Arun BK, Bedrosian I, Babiera GV, Hwang RF, Kuerer HM, Yang W, Hunt KK. Predictors of contralateral breast cancer in patients with unilateral breast cancer undergoing contralateral prophylactic mastectomy. Cancer 115(5):962-71, 3/2009. PMID: 19172584.
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Invited Articles

  1. Yang W, Dempsey PJ. Diagnostic breast ultrasound: Current status and future directions.Ultrasound Clin 4(2):117-133, 4/2009.
  2. Le-Petross CH, Bidaut L, Yang WT. Evolving role of imaging modalities in inflammatory.Semin Oncol 35(1):51-63, 2/2008.
  3. Yang W, Dempsey PJ. Diagnostic breast ultrasound: current status and future directions. Radiol Clin North Am 45:845-61, 9/2007.
  4. Yang W. Sonography of unusual breast neoplasms. Ultrasound Clin 1:661-672, 2006.
  5. Whitman GJ, Erguvan-Dogan B, Yang WT, Wilson JE, Patel P, Krishnamurthy S. Ultrasound- guided breast biopsy procedures. Ultrasound Clin 1:603-15, 2006.
  6. Lai C-J, Shaw CC, Whitman GJ, Yang WT, Dempsey PJ. Analysis of confidence level scores from an ROC study - comparison of three mammographic systems for detection of simulated calcifications. Proc SPIE 5745:1121-1129, 2005.
  7. Kappadath SC, Shaw C, Lai C, Liu X, Whitman G, Yang WT. Dual-energy digital mammography for calcification imaging: improvement by post-image processing. Proc SPIE 5745:1342-1350, 2000.

Book Chapters

  1. Yang WT, Yeung DKW. Role of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in Imaging of Axillary Lymph Nodes in Breast Cancer. In: Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Breast Tumors. Nova Science Publishers Inc: New York, 2008.
  2. Hennessy BT, Gilcrease MZ, Babiera G, Yang W, Valero V, Hortobagyi GN. Breast Cancer. In: Textbook of Uncommon Cancer, Third. Ed(s) Johnson, et al. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.,, 218-229, 2006.
  3. Muttarak M, Yang WT. Anatomy of the breast. In: Asian-Oceanian Textbook of Radiology. Miller-Freeman, 937-948, 2003.
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  6. Yang WT, Metreweli C. High-resolution ultrasound of the breast and axillary lymph nodes. In: Ultrasound Quarterly (submitted), 2000.
  7. Yang WT, Muttarak M, Ho L. Nonmammary malignancies of the breast: ultrasound, CT, and MRI. In: Semin Ultrasound CT MR. 21, 5, 375-394, 2000.
  8. Yang WT, Johnson PJ. Monitoring response to treatment in liver tumours. In: Balliere's Clinical Gastroenterology. 13. Balliere Tindall, 127-144, 1999.
  9. Metreweli C, Yang WT. Ultrasound and metastatic axillary lymph nodes. In: Carcinoma of the Breast. Poletto Editore, 144-149, 1999.
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